History of Fashion and Dress by Susan Jarrett, M.Ed

Romantic Victorian- Crinoline Victorian- First Bustle
and Natural Form
Victorian- Second Bustle
and Aesthetic Dress
Turn of the Century
and Edwardian
1790-1820 1820-1850 1850-1869 1870-1883 1883-1890

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A note about historic clothing preservation:

Maggie May supports the following resolution passed in 1987 by The Costume Society of America:
The CSA acknowledges that clothing normally is designed and created to be worn. However, with age or associations, clothing takes on particular values and meanings and deserves special care and consideration. The wearing of articles of attire inevitably exposes them to dangers of damage and deterioration. These dangers increase with the age and/or fragility of such articles.

Therefore, the CSA encourages persons and organizations charged with the preservation of costume to prohibit the wearing or modeling of articles intended for preservation.

Further, the CSA discourages any action which alters the original state of such articles. Since any information related to the provenance, condition, and treatment of costume enhances the understanding, meaning and value if an article of adornment, the CSA strongly urges that all such information should be collected and made available when that article is transferred to another party.

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